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Burg Al Arab برج العرب

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Burg al Arab - Alexandria  Burg Al Arab City  برج العرب   An emerging World Class City  in Egypt

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in Egypt

Companies in Burg Al Arab as recommended by the Investment Group of Burg Al Arab


 شركات فرج الله
Faragalla Group
Food Business-2-Business

Gad Plast Modern Company. Burg Al Arab. Egypt

 جاد بلاست الحديثة
الدولية للفحم

International Coke and Ferro Alloys Company

International Coke and Ferro alloys Company
نيو مارينا بلاست

New Marina Plast
Alexandria Egypt &
Middle East
مان كرو للمباني
Man Crew - building systems

Engineering Business-2-Business
العربية لصناعة الفلاتر
( فاك فلتر )

Engineering Company for Specialized Industries

مطاحن وادي النيل

Wadi el Nil Flour Mills
Wassila Tex Spinning Mill
 ANBORG Metal forming Industry and Steel Construction

Burg Al Arab - a World City of Egypt

Mubarak Scientific Research Academy 
Courtesy of Burg Al Arab Investment Group
Globalization Turns
the World Visible

Nile Water Channel - Green Belt (Al Hezam al Akhdar)

Globalization Vision
Alexandria Governorate

Burg Al Arab City is a Modern City that has Industrial, Commercial and Civil infrastructure.

he Egyptian Government headed by the Prime Minister Dr. Ahmad Nazeif supports the City and Investors. 

Burg Al Arab has Mubarak Scientific Research Academy, Association  of Investment Group, Schools at different levels and a modern technical school, International Activities, own Airport and a plan to link the City with the Egyptian National Rail Ways, many National and Global Banks, Police Station,  Attraction places and other vital Services. 
Burg Al Arab is known for its Big Factories and Companies. Most of the Companies are heading for Export and the Global Market. Many have the characteristics of World Class Company.

Burg Al Arab is located few Kilometers from the North Coast of Egypt and near Alexandria with its Free Zone, Harbor and Marina. The City is surrounded by a Green Belt (Al Hezam al Akhdar) with wide channel that supply water directly from the Nile.
Burg Al Arab has new Facilities for International events (Stadium, Olympics games, etc.,), Famous places (e.g., on reach to Al Alamein and .....), wide roads and Green Areas, Cleanliness and less Pollution, Safty, Less Noises, and healthy Environment,  Historical places (e.g. ......), fresh bazar and Hotels.
Traffic Jam is not known in Burg Al Arab City thanks to its Tuk-Tuk local transport vehicles. The City has pleasant all year sunny weather with fresh air from the North Coast.
Burg Al Arab has its own Telecommunications Center and installing a fixed line takes few days only. Engineering Association has huge number of flats and Villas few meters from the City Center.  

Jihaz Burg Al Arab  برج العرب  Chairman
General Eng. Talaat Abd el  Kader Madkour

Engineering Association
Egypt and

Nile Water Channel - Green Belt (Al Hezam al Akhdar)

Globalization Visions by Burg Al Arab Politicians Thinkers, Scholars & Researchers

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Globalization Visions by Burg Al Arab Business Owners




Burg Al Arab
برج العرب







International Conferences

Burg Al Arab Historical Places

El Hizam el Akhdar

Natural Resources



Burg Al Arab in Few lines.

New Burg El Arab City is one of the new lovely cities in the national plan of the Arab Republic of Egypt for the establishment of new  communities, to face the rise in population in the city of Alexandria and to forbid using the agricultural areas for building.

Beside being on a high ground Burg El Arab is surrounded by   a lot of green feddans which help its residents enjoying healthy weather all the seasons.

As a residential-industrial city with a full range of utilities and services, New Burg
El Arab is regarded as a major urban center.

President Hosni Mubarak performed the formal inauguration of the city in November 1988.


New Burg El Arab City lies 60 kilometers to the southwest of Alexandria. New Burg El Arab City is seen as the natural extension of Alexandria.

Industrial Zone:

The industrial zone of the city has been located to its east and south so that it will have no environmental impact on the city.
There is also an Industrial Zone Services Center, which includes a training center. Factories in production provide job opportunities for lots of workers.

City Development:

New Burg El Arab City has made significant progress over the past  years in increasing its growth average.
The city has become an area attractive not only to those who work there, but also to young people looking for a better life style far from the overcrowding of Alexandria.

The number of working different specified factories in New Burg El Arabís industrial zones has enormously increased

The City has 11 banks providing a full range of banking services.

Airport and Mubarak Scientific Research Academy:
Burg El Arab city has its own airport. It also has Mubarak scientific research Academy, which has great effect  concerning science field.

Burg Al Arab Public Services - Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Heliopolis Cairo BNP-Paribas

 Burg Al Arab برج العرب
Local City Map


Local News-Paper

Global National Services

 Burg Al Arab  برج العرب Attraction



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