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10 Ramadan City
Egypt -
جمهورية مصر العربية

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Facts about 10 Ramadan City, its History, Vision, 10 Ramadan Municipality, with overview of its day to day activities, Business, 10 Ramadan Banks, Companies and World Class Company, 10 Ramadan Taxi, Police Services, Post Services, Map, Parking, Emergency, Tourism, 10 Ramadan Attraction, Art Galleries, Hotels, Culture Events, Restaurants, Super Market, Health Care, Pharmacy, Beauty Centres, Fitness and Hair Dressers, Real Estates, IT Services, Auto Services, Local News Papers, Photoshop's, Schools, Clubs and Non Profit Organizations.

10 Ramadan City - Giza

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10 Ramadan City

10 Ramadan Investors Association
TRIA-10 Ramadan Investors Association Egypt


MG Group
  MG Group - 10 Ramadan City. Egypt

Ahram Security Group

Specialized food industries
Safety Misr. 10 Ramadan City. Egypt.

El Sewedy

 El Sewedy Cables

Delta Pharmaceuticals
Delta Pharma. 10 Ramadan City. Egypt

Misr El-Nour  Group

Misr el Nour - 10 Ramadan City, Egypt
Dice Pack
Dice Pack - 10 Ramadan - Egypt
Fathy Hassen Group BOBINAGCO 10 Ramadan City, Egypt
Fathy Hassen Group
Horreia Food Industries. 10 Ramadan City. Egypt
Horreia Food Industries
Egypt Japan Steel Works. 10 Ramadan, Egypt
Egypt Japan Steel Works
National Co.
  The 10 Ramadan - a World City of Egypt

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The 10 Ramadan 
Globalization Vision
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10 Ramadan and  Globalization

Globalization Visions by 10 Ramadan Politicians Thinkers, Scholars & Researchers

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 10 Ramadan city
(the Citadel of industry in Egypt)






 Globalization Visions by
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مدينة العاشر من رمضان

مدينة العاشر من رمضان، من المدن العمرانية الجديدة في مصر ويربطها بأقاليم شرق ووسط الدلتا والقناة وسيناء شبكة من طرق سريعة، إلي جانب قربها من مطار القاهرة الدولى، 
المدينة قد تم إنشاؤها عام 1977 م لجذب رؤوس الأموال الأجنبية والعربية والمحلية بغرض توفير فرص عمل للشباب، ولجذب الزيادة السكانية إلى خارج المدن الكبيرة المزدحمة.
تشمل المدينة نوعية من الصناعات الثقيلة وصناعات متوسطة وخفيفة .

The 10 Ramadan City is one of the first new industrial cities. The aim of building the 10th of Ramadan is to  increasing job opportunities for the young as well as other workforce and to ease the high population within big crowded cities.

10 Ramadan was built in 1977 to attract Global, Arabic and National Investment. 
The 10 Ramadan is located 55km far from Cairo on Cairo / Ismalia desert road
near the Egyptian International two Airports in Cairo. Its connection to the main roads and network of  Delta, Suez Canal and Sinai ease its exporting and importing options. 

The City has 398 km2 including reconstruction mass, green landscape and tourism area. Its wide streets and green areas contribute to the clean environment and the rather healthy atmosphere. Many projects had changed its desert landscape into cultivated ones. 

10 Ramadan has several heavy, medium and light factories in several industries specially in the clothing, plastic and steel industry. It has the High Institute of Technology with modern facilities and curriculums. 

 The 10 Ramadan City Public Services - Strategic Partners

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Misr Iran
 Development Bank

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