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6 October
Egypt -
جمهورية مصر العربية

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Facts about 6 October City, its History, Vision, 6 October Municipality, with overview of its day to day activities, Business, 6 October Banks, Companies and World Class Company, 6 October Taxi, Police Services, Post Services, Map, Parking, Emergency, Tourism, 6 October Attraction, Art Galleries, Hotels, Culture Events, Restaurants, Super Market, Health Care, Pharmacy, Beauty Centres, Fitness and Hair Dressers, Real Estates, IT Services, Auto Services, Local News Papers, Photoshop's, Schools, Clubs and Non Profit Organizations.

6 October City - Giza

World Class City Egypt World Cities
World Class City - Egypt



in Egypt

  Business, Factories and Companies as recommended by the 6 October City Investors Association

Investors-Association 6 October City Egypt

LifeCare SurgicalLifecare Surgical - 6 October City - Egypt
Business 2 Business

El Misrieen - 6 October City - Egypt
Business 2 Business
Hi Tek Engineering

Hi Tek Engineering - 6 October
Business 2 Business
Sippa Misr
Sippa Misr - 6 October City - Egypt
Business 2 Business
Golden Foods - 6 October City - Egypt
Business 2 Business
Custom-Storage-Company - CSC
Business 2 Business
Pearl Glass
Pearl Company
Business 2 Business
El Touny Elevator Co.
Business 2 Business
Holw el Sham
Holw El Sham
Business 2 Business
Engineering Industries 

Universal Group for Engineering Industries
Business 2 Business
Style Team
Business 2 Business
Business 2 Business
Global Napi Pharmaceuticals
Globa Napi Pharmaceuticals
Business 2 Business
Ronex Misr

Ronex Misr - 6 October City, Egypt.
Business 2 Business

Standard Industries
Standard Industrial Company - NOVA
19 20 21  




  The 6 October - a World City of Egypt

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Globalization Vision
Giza Governorate
6 October City

6 October and Globalization

Globalization Visions by 6 October Politicians Thinkers, Scholars & Researchers

6 October In Arabic 

 6 October city






 Globalization Visions by
the 6 October City Business Owners










 6 October City Public Services - Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners


El Moursy Group
   El Moursey Group - 6 October City, Egypt
Shell Gas Station

Misr Iran
 Development Bank

Banks in Egypt


 6 October Local City Map

Local News-Paper

Global National Services


 6 October Attraction


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